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Wild Pantanal is a Destination Management Company specializing in Wilderness Safaris in the Brazilian Pantanal. We offer professional tourism services to travel companies, wildlife photographers and film-makers.

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Discover the largest wetland in the world and its abundant wildlife! A sanctuary for Wildlife Photographers and Nature Lovers, here they can enjoy the greatest concentration of fauna of the entire American continent!

pantanal safaris
Northern or Southern Pantanal

Wildlife Tours

Explore the best places of the Northern and of the Southern Pantanal.

pantanal jaguar safaris
Northern Pantanal

Jaguar Photo Safaris

The best jaguar photo safaris in the Cuiabá river at Porto Jofre region.

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Northern or Southern Pantanal

Birding Tours

Would you like birding in one of the best locations in the world? Come to know the Pantanal!

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Northern or Southern Pantanal

Herping Tours

Discover the wonderful herpetofauna of the largest wetland in the world!

pantanal river cruise
Northern or Southern Pantanal

River Cruises

Cruise the rivers of the Pantanal and discover its exuberant wildlife.

horseback riding expedition
Northern or Southern Pantanal

Horseback Riding

Fantastic horseback riding expeditions in the Pantanal: culture and wildlife.

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Pantanal Photo Expedition
with Sergio Pitamitz.

sergio pitamitz

September 15-24, 2020 - AVAILABLE

A complete tour in both north and south Pantanal, lead by Sergio Pitamitz a National Geographic Image Collection contributing photographer.

Ask the brochure of this tour, it contains info, map, pictures, detailled itinerary and rates.





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