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Every season in the Pantanal is very charming and worth to know them all.

In October the first rains begin to fall in Mato Grosso, the rivers carry water to the plain and when they overflow, the Pantanal begins gradually to fill up. Birds are spread in all the flooded areas, caimans are hunting wherever and they gather in dry areas to sunbathe. This is the mating time for the majority of animals.

In February and March the flooded Pantanal landscape is amazing, the water level can get close to the lodges so the excursions are practiced by boat or by horse.

In April the rain stops and the water begins to recede. It remain only little lakes where many fish and small crustaceans remain trapped. It's here that focus many forms of life, birds, caimans, anacondas, giant otters, capybaras. It's the best time for birds photography like the Roseate Spoonbill, Jabiru stork, the Black skimmer, kingfishers, hawks and many others.

From June the water in the ponds was further reduced but still teeming with life. The caymans spends a lot of time underwater to ambushing the last remaining fishes, birds and capybaras. It's the best season to spot the jaguars, in fact the chances of seeing them drinking or hunting on the river banks are very high. In this period we suggest to consider the Wildlife and Jaguar Tour.


To travel to Brazil we suggest the vaccine against the yellow fever. Malaria is not present in the Pantanal. However, we recommend to consult a doctor at least a month before leaving to Brazil.

About Zika virus, if you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant, please check updated information on CDC .


Our tours don't include travel insurance, therefore we recommend to arrange it before departure.
Please check if you need a visa to entry in Brazil

Term and Conditions

Ask us our Terms and Conditions and we will send you a complete pdf file.

What to bring

We recommend to wear light-weight and light-coloured clothes, breathable and quick dry. In the Pantanal is important to wear long pants and long sleeve shirts as protection from both sun and insects. Important to bring a light-coloured hat, hiking shoes, sport socks, t-shirt. During the dry season, the nights in the Pantanal can be cold, but also during the boat safaris temperatures could be low, so we recommend to bring warm clothes.

It's important to bring a sunscreen and insect repellent better if "tropical" type. Bring also sunglasses, pocket flashlight, jack-knife, and personal hygiene items.

We recommend to everybody to bring at least a small pair of binoculars and a photo camera.

Wildlife photographers can bring their best equipment, in the Pantanal there were no cases of theft. For jaguar photography from the boat, we suggest to bring 2 camera bodies, on the first one a 300mm f2.8 + teleconverter or 400mm, on the second body a 70-200 f2.8. Monopod / Tripod

Bring also: Wide-angle lens – filters - TTL flash – Action cam - Memory cards - Binoculars – Notebook – HDD backup – Card reader – plug adaptor – Rain protections.

Hotel pre/post tour

Cuiabá pre / post tour accommodation: we suggest the following hotels near to the airport

Nobile Suite Várzea Grande ****
Slaviero Slim Várzea Grande ****
Hotel Tainá ***
Diplomata Hotel ***
Hotel Portal da Amazônia **

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